Since Colonial times, heart pine has been valued for its incredible strength, decay resistance, and beauty. And nowyou can bring this classic look into your home with handcrafted flooring, paneling, and beams from Charleston Heart Pine Company.

Our primary source of saw timber is densely grown longleaf pine logs and reclaimed antique beams. Due to its rich color variations and proven durability, longleaf is superior to all other species of pine in quality and appearance..

As with other of nature's work, each piece of timber is unique. Subtle variations in color, patterns, and markings give the wood its character.

We use the timber source and these character marks to grade the lumber into six categories: Colonial, Contemporary, Country, Cabin, Plantation Antique, and Very Select Antique.

Each grade as its own personality. But whether you choose an elegant look, or one that's more rustic, you can be assured that your heart pine floor will be forever beautiful, always in style.